The best metal mouthpiece, not only for Jazz. Wide chamber fits well to C- melodys
Tip openings:
Price 305.- CHF (about 247 Euro)
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Conn C- Melody (1922)

Smooth and soft sound. Small tip opening. Not very loud. Authentic sound for 20s- era chamber music.

Price: 245 CHF (about 190 Euros)
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Conn Eagle and short shank (stretch) for C-Soprano

Conn eagle in mint condition. With ligature. Low smooth sound. Authentic.
Conn short shank (stretch) is slightly used and discolored. With ligature. Brighter and louder than the eagle.


Price short shank (stretch): 245 CHF (about 190 Euros)
Price Eagle: 420 CHF (about 348 Euros)
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Bari Metall, perfect for C-Soprano

Strong focussed sound, perfect for Jazz

Price: 255 CHF (about 195 Euros)
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Original Vintage mouthpieces for C- Melody, Alto, Tenor

Smart Power Horn

Legendäre Instrumente legendärer Jazz Musiker

C. G. Conn




butterweicher voller Klang




Warm Smooth Cat

Legenden: Sky-line, searchlight, Lion and Crown,