Revision, repair, overhaul in Dornach near Basel

Old and newer instrument will be in good shape, cleaned and polished by hand. All movable parts straightened

Mint condition, rebuild

All Pads will be replaced. Toneholes flattened.
The instrument is now ready to play

Improve, optimize, tuning the keywork

New springs (blue springs) assembled and adjusted, key action improved. The instrument is now virtuoso


New and stronger flat springs, new screws.

Flat springs are individually different for each saxophone and each model. Each flat spring is custom made. You can buy standard flat springs in specialized shops, but they are not strong enough and usually do not fit.
I have the flat springs made to measure myself, from stainless steel. I also have extra strong special springs for high F and side Bb.
Flat springs custom made

Tuning, improvement of intonation

A lot of enhancements, my long experience in music and handicraft: Your instrument gives now great pleasure

Examples of enhancements and keywork tuning

fine tuning, sound enhancement

Testing, fine tuning, warming up
a sophisticated electro- acoustic procedure enhances the sound and volume. The instrument is free- blowing, the sound is fatter with more soul. Vintage feeling.
At the end: Cleaning again inside and outside and adjustement
Your saxophone is now a high flyer


This fundamental upgrade of your instrument is not as expensive as you might think
Here a price list of different works

References, the sound of my work

In the Archiv
On Youtube
Offers overhauled  Vintage Saxophone (pictures and sound)

More high resolution pictures to download from each instrument


Email:       stefan  ät   hugjazz,ch

Stefan Hugi      Solothurnerstrasse 6     4143 Dornach (Schweiz)
079 743 63 22     (+4179 743 63 22)




C. G. Conn

Conn New Wonder 
Chu Berry
Conn 8M C-Melody
Chu Berry Transitional

Conn 6M Transitional
Conn 10M Transitional
Conn Standard 6M/10M
Conn Artist 6M / 10M
Ladyface/naked Lady

On order

Conn Connstellation
Conn Connqueror

Selmer Mark VI

All offers


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Royal Family


King by H.N. White

King New Series
King C- Melody
King Voll - True II
King Zephyr

Other cuties

Buescher C- Melody

Selmer Superaction
SA 80 or Serie II

On order

King Super 20

Buescher 400
Buescher Aristocrat
140 / 156 (Big B)
Buescher Truetone

All offers




Legends: Sky-line, searchlight, Lion and Crown,


Martin Handcraft
Handcraft Imperial

Handcraft Committee
Skyline / searchlight
Handcraft Com. II
Lion and Crown
The Martin Alto / Tenor

Martin Magna

Olds Ambassador


On order

Martin Music Man

All offers


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