Prices for revision, repair, overhaul

The price depends on the overall condition of your instrument. All prices in Swiss Franks
Green = Instrument in very good and mint condition. Complete overhaul in the past three years
Blue = Instrument playable, no repairs, complete overhaul in the past 12 years
Red = Instrument hardly playable but no serious damages.
Ebay- instrument (+ more costs)

Cleaning and polish, remove old pads

-            290.-            500 +

Mint condition, rebuild

All Pads will be replaced. Toneholes flattened.
             590.-             700 +

Improve, optimize, tuning the keywork

New springs (blue springs) assembled and adjusted, key action improved.
380.-             480.-              750 +

Tuning, improvement of intonation

A lot of enhancements, my long experience in music and handicraft.
180.-                 180.-             180.-

Examples of enhancements and keywork tuning

fine tuning, sound enhancement

Testing, fine tuning, warming up
a sophisticated electro- acoustic procedure enhances the sound and volume. The instrument is free- blowing, the sound is fatter with more soul. Vintage feeling.
At the end: Cleaning again inside and outside and adjustement
220.-                 220.-             220.-

resonable prices

It doesn't make sense to do just a part of the work. All wors has to be done. Always.


References, the sound of my work

In the Archiv
On Youtube
Offers overhauled  Vintage Saxophone (pictures and sound)


Email:       stefan  ät   hugjazz,ch

Stefan Hugi      Solothurnerstrasse 6      4143 Dornach (Schweiz)
079 743 63 22     (+4179 743 63 22)



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