Prices for revision, repair, overhaul

The price depends on the overall condition of your instrument. All prices in Swiss Franks
Green = Instrument in very good and mint condition. Complete overhaul in the past three years
Blue = Instrument playable, no repairs, complete overhaul in the past 12 years
Red = Instrument hardly playable but no serious damages.
Ebay- instrument (+ more costs)

Cleaning and polish, remove old pads

-            290.-            500 +

Mint condition, rebuild

All Pads will be replaced. Toneholes flattened.
             590.-             700 +

Improve, optimize, tuning the keywork

New springs (blue springs) assembled and adjusted, key action improved.
380.-             480.-              750 +


Strong and super strong flat springs with Allen screws.
It is essential to replace the leaf springs on an instrument that is more than 70 years old. Each leaf spring is a custom made one of a kind. You can't buy something like this anywhere. I have them custom made.
The new springs are of course mounted with new Allen screws. For high F and side Bb there are (finally) extra super strong springs.
95.-             95.-              180 +


Tuning, improvement of intonation

A lot of enhancements, my long experience in music and handicraft.
180.-                 180.-             180.-

Examples of enhancements and keywork tuning

fine tuning, sound enhancement

Testing, fine tuning, warming up
a sophisticated electro- acoustic procedure enhances the sound and volume. The instrument is free- blowing, the sound is fatter with more soul. Vintage feeling.
At the end: Cleaning again inside and outside and adjustement
220.-                 220.-             220.-

resonable prices

It doesn't make sense to do just a part of the work. All wors has to be done. Always.


References, the sound of my work

In the Archiv
On Youtube you find 95 of my instruments
Offers overhauled  Vintage Saxophone (pictures and sound)


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